Preparing for Convergence

With the coming of a new core set, and over half the set being spoiled, I thought I’d post a couple of deck ideas I’m kicking around for when the new product comes available.  Now, there’s still a lot left to be seen, so these decks are subject to change.  But I think they’re both fun and competitive options to start your competitive testing.








This deck has a lot going for it.  First – it’s rainbow.  So all the good control events, upgrades and supports for each color are available for use.  Second, it’s a high health total – 27 health is nothing to sneeze at, and those Snoke power actions will be available for a few rounds.  Third, it uses SnokeSnoke is busted.  He’s the ultimate deck centerpiece due to how game breaking his power action is.  Combine him with a money making character where his character dice can’t be removed and he gets even better.  That 1 point balance of the force didn’t even slow this dude down.

But, that’s not the only thing this deck has going for it.  It has Blue Villain, and money making potential, so you know what that means….VADER’S FIST!  But, Vader’s Fist is old news.  We know that card is crazy good.  But, there are two new cards coming with Convergence that are going to compete for deckslots:







::swoon::  I think I’m in love!  I bet you’re going to be seeing these cards everywhere this coming meta.  The power level is so good with these two it’s hard to deny including them in as many decks as you can.

MEGABLASTER TROOPERS – Cheesy name aside, this card is crazy good.  Four resources for an ok die doesn’t feel great…but once you read that activation ability this card gets a big bump.  And the restriction of needing to spot a leader to use the ability is solved by our fearless leader Snoke.  So for four resources you essentially get a 3 die support card (non unique mind you, so you can have two in play) with a potential 6 or 7 damage each round.  And with Snoke’s two focus side you could be max damaging this every time you roll it in.  Holy cow!  I can’t wait to get this on the table and see my opponent squirm.  Oh, and did I mention that since it’s only 4 resources you can *easily* hit this on the table round 1 with a resource left over by power action-ing Watto’s 2 for 1 resource side?  Yeah…

HIRED MUSCLE – This card isn’t as immediately jaw dropping a the Megablater Troopers, but it’s still got a punch.  One resource is nothing in this game.  And when you’ve got a money maker like Watto on your side you can afford to drop a resource or two to hit someone for 3 damage, or disrupt 3 resources, or blow up their hand with 2 discard…This card is the Swiss Army Knife that Snoke decks have needed for a while.  The die is way above the curve for its one resource cost and I think you’re going to see a lot of it.

So, yeah…with a bunch of new and potent toys at Snoke’s disposal I think this deck might be a major threat in the new meta.  I’d start practicing with and against it as soon a possible.


eAhsoka / Any Mid-High Range Jedi














Let me preface this by saying that I don’t think these decks will be near as meta defining as the Snoke deck I mentioned above.  But, I love me some Blue Hero, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least try to make something work with my new favorite Ahsoka.

Ahsoka’s die is so above the curve for an 8/11 cost character I had to try and build something with her as soon as I saw her.  Three 2 sides on a die that cheap is crazy good.  And, these aren’t “forgettable sides” like disrupt or indirect, but melee and shields – that’s Blue Hero’s bread and butter!  But, one good die on an 8 health character isn’t going to cut it in this new meta.  You’ve got to have some tools that help push you over the edge.








SORESU TRAINING/MASTERY – These cards are so cool.  I love the feel and theme of them.  And, they pump shields out like nobody’s business, which these Blue Hero decks need to stay alive.  But, using that Mastery special to gain a shield and remove a die feels pretty choice.

YODA’S SPIRIT – This card is interesting.  It’s die is crazy good for a 2 cost support, and with the Jedi tribal it also procs Ahsoka’s ability on roll in, so if your primary dies you’ve still got her ability as an option.  And, like the other two cards mentioned, there’s lots of shield options for this card as well.

With these three big Jedi options to pair with Ahsoka you have deck building styles to consider as well.  Luke/Ahsoka can afford the 4 cost Built to Last plot.  While Mace/Ahsoka can afford Profitable Connections.  These allow for a lot of flexibility and variety in deck construction and play styles which is quite fun.

This is just scratching the surface of deckbuilding options that I’m kicking around.  And as more and more of these spoilers roll in I start concocting new decks with crazier options.  What decks are you guys eyeing to play when the set drops?  We’d love to hear from you and your ideas!

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