Legacies Draft Values

Draft is one of the most fun formats in all of Destiny, and yet it is also one of the most unexplored. There are so many interesting twists that draft brings to the game. It evens the playing field between players with small and large collections, it’s a great way for players to fill out an incomplete set, and above all, it’s just a new and fun way to play the game we already love.

Draft is a format that requires thinking on the fly and adapting your game plan based on the cards that you’re given the chance to use, but there is much more to it than that. Pretty soon we’re going to be posting a podcast episode that covers a whole bunch of tips and tricks to help you improve your drafting skills. Until then, we thought it would be a fun exercise to give each card in the Legacies set a “score” from 1-5 based on our perceived value of that card in the draft format. I’ll break down some of the cards we seem to have a different opinion on below the table. Enjoy!

NameAffiliationP./C.HealthRarityBrian ScoreJustin ScoreAverage ScoreDiff
Dark AdvisorVillain88Rare454.51
Maul- Vengeful OneVillain12/1611Legendary1322
Mother Talzin- Nightsister MatriarchVillain9/129Rare454.51
Palpatine- Darth SidiousVillain16/2012Rare1110
Kylo Ren's StarfighterVillain2Legendary322.5-1
Crystal BallVillain1Rare5550
Force RendVillain3Rare2220
Maul's LightsaberVillain3Legendary232.51
Battle DroidVillain66Rare454.51
Kallus- Agent of the EmpireVillain14/1812Rare3330
Nute Gunray- Separatist ViceroyVillain8/118Rare454.51
Tarkin- Grand MoffVillain13/1611Legendary3330
Separatist Landing CraftVillain2Rare1110
Fragmentation GrenadeVillain1Rare4440
Grand MoffVillain4Legendary121.51
Kallus' Bo-RifleVillain3Legendary1322
Bib Fortuna- MajordomoVillain9/129Rare142.53
Doctor Aphra- Artifact HunterVillain11/1410Legendary343.51
Greedo- Unlucky MercenaryVillain7/117Legendary454.51
Rebel TraitorVillain88Rare3542
Ark AngelVillain2Rare3330
Aayla Secura- Jedi GeneralHero9/1210Rare5550
Jedi Temple GuardHero88Rare454.51
Obi-Wan Kenobi- Jedi MasterHero15/1912Rare423-2
Yoda- Wizened MasterHero10/1310Legendary5550
ETA-2 InterceptorHero3Rare322.5-1
Force MeditationHero2Rare2220
Obi-Wan Kenobi's LightsaberHero3Legendary3330
Clone TrooperHero88Rare3542
Finn- Soldier of NecessityHero12/1611Legendary1322
Rose- Skilled MechanicHero8/119Rare454.51
Wedge Antilles- Squad LeaderHero11/1511Rare232.51
Mortar TeamHero2Rare3330
Resistance BomberHero3Rare322.5-1
Camouflaged RifleHero3Rare232.51
Rebellion LeaderHero4Legendary121.51
Jar Jar Binks- Clumsy OutcastHero7/97Rare454.51
Jedha PartisanHero88Rare454.51
Saw Gerrera- Extremist LeaderHero12/1611Legendary2220
Zeb Orrelios- The Last LasatHero13/1712Legendary3330
Runaway BoomasHero3Rare322.5-1
Roguish CharmHero2Rare3330
Zeb Orrelios' Bo-RifleHero3Legendary232.51
Republic CruiserHero2Rare433.5-1
Force WaveNeutral3Legendary454.51
Hush-98 ComlinkNeutral2Rare1322
Ground BattalionNeutral4Rare3330
Lookout PostNeutral2Rare1322
Auto CannonNeutral3Rare2220
E-11 BlasterNeutral2Rare5550
Hondo Ohnaka- Respected BusinessmanNeutral12/1510Rare322.5-1
Pirate Speeder TankNeutral5Legendary121.51
Gang UpNeutral3Rare1110
Modified HWK-290Neutral2Rare3330
Canto Bight PistolNeutral3Rare3330
Stun BatonNeutral2Rare4440
Consumed By The Dark SideVillain0Common121.51
Dark SchemeVillain1Common2432
Double StrikeVillain2Uncommon322.5-1
I Am Your FatherVillain2Uncommon232.51
Spell of RemovalVillain1Common121.51
Witch MagickVillain1Common3330
Nightsister CovenVillain1Uncommon121.51
Battle FatigueVillain1Common4440
Crush the RebellionVillain2Uncommon433.5-1
Imperial MightVillain2Common2220
Scorched EarthVillain2Uncommon3330
Shrapnel BlastVillain1Common312-2
Target PracticeVillain0Common121.51
Three Steps AheadVillain3Uncommon1322
Command BridgeVillain1Uncommon1110
In PursuitVillain0Uncommon1110
No Good To Me DeadVillain0Common121.51
Take FlightVillain0Common1322
Ataru StrikeHero1Uncommon2220
Strength Through WeaknessHero3Uncommon1322
Defensive TeachingHero0Uncommon121.51
Yoda's HutHero2Uncommon3542
Attack RunHero0Common121.51
Final MomentHero4Uncommon1110
Light 'Em UpHero1Common322.5-1
Special ModificationHero1Uncommon322.5-1
Suppression FieldHero2Uncommon544.5-1
Easy PickingsHero1Uncommon5550
Explosive TacticsHero2Uncommon2220
Scruffy Looking Nerf-HerderHero1Common5550
Smuggler's RunHero0Common121.51
Maz's VaultHero0Uncommon253.53
Diplomatic ProtectionHero1Uncommon544.5-1
Into The Garbage ChuteHero1Uncommon5550
Ancient WisdomNeutral1Common1110
Feel The ForceNeutral1Common2220
Stronger You Have BecomeNeutral0Uncommon3330
The Force Is With MeNeutral1Common433.5-1
Law and OrderNeutral3Common2432
Locked and LoadedNeutral1Common232.51
Strength in NumbersNeutral2Common232.51
Sudden ImpactNeutral1Uncommon322.5-1
Superior PositionNeutral1Common3330
Target IntelNeutral0Common2220
Bubble ShieldNeutral1Uncommon343.51
Cover TeamNeutral1Common322.5-1
Cantina BrawlNeutral1Uncommon211.5-1
Counter StrikeNeutral1Common2220
Dangerous ManeuverNeutral0Common3330
Hasty ExitNeutral0Common343.51
Quick DrawNeutral0Common1322
Ice StormNeutral0Common211.5-1
No CheatingNeutral0Uncommon1110
Backup SpecialistNeutral1Common433.5-1
Remote StockpileNeutral1Common322.5-1
Scrap HeapNeutral1Uncommon2220
Quickdraw HolsterNeutral0Common232.51

Biggest Differences

There are a few cards that Justin and I seem to be way apart on, so let’s go over those quickly.

Bib Fortuna (Brian – 1, Justin – 4)

Brian – I assume that Justin scored Bib this high just because it’s a cheap character that gives you access to yellow. Given that I concede that my score is probably too low (should likely be a 2), but the die is extremely underwhelming unless you have a powerful character to partner him with.

Justin –  This is totally related to the cost of Bib – sub 10 cost characters have a premium.  Was I a little generous with the rating?  Yeah, probably…but every other sub-10 cost character got a 5 rating.

Maz’s Vault (Brian 2 – Justin – 5)

Brian – This is an interesting one. Resources are precious in a draft, and if I’m going to spend a card to get more, I usually want it to benefit me more than my opponent. In constructed, I can craft my deck to ensure I make better use of those resources, but the few times I’ve seen this card played in a draft, it’s almost always backfired.

Justin – The idea behind this support is you are going to draft cards that are a bit more expensive to accompany it.  It will absolutely help your opponent, but if you’ve built your deck well you should be able to better take advantage of the extra cash.

Other Differences

There are a bunch of other cards that Just and I are 2 points away from each other on, but I wanted to highlight a few here, because I think they bring up some important points.

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Brian – 4, Justin – 2)

Brian – I openly admit that I probably overvalued Obi a bit here. The thing is, a character like Obi is totally situational. If you have a cheap character to pair with him and still get a three die start, he is INSANELY powerful in the format, but if you’d only be able to use him with 2 dice, then he’s an awful pick. Another reminder that you always need to adapt your choices to the cards you’ve already selected, and your draft strategy should constantly be changing.

Justin – I tended to rate higher cost characters a bit harshly, mainly because it requires you to draft another sub-10 cost character to be able to field a 3rd with Obi.  And that means your deck itself will be light on upgrades.

Shelter (Brian – 4, Justin – 2)

Brian – This is a Legacies specific score for me. In this scoring system, I assumed that the entire draft is using Legacies boosters. In that format, there is indirect damage everywhere and a removal like this becomes really powerful. But if your draft has other sets mixed it, it loses a lot of its value.

Justin – Removal has gotten to the point that when I see a very limited removal type (indirect damage) and a cost/benefit ratio of 1 for 1 I immediately flip past it.  If it’s late in the draft and it’s between this, a plot and a 2nd battlefield…sure, this is the pick.  But would I take it over any other 2 rated card?  Probably not.

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  1. Separatist Landing Craft has two shield sides (one of them two shields) and two resource sides, and you all rated it as the worst garbage possible? Even without pulling a Battle Droid it’s a fine addition to my pile of limited cards. It makes the deck every time.

    1. I can see maybe bumping the score up to a 2, but when you’re paying two resources for a die, 1s/2s/1r/1r/blank/blank seems like a pretty bad value. Of course that changes immensely if you also manage to draft a Battle Droid, but without that it just seems like it’s not worth what you’re getting for the cost.

      Of course, if you can pull of that 2 shield a couple times, you certainly will be happy!

  2. This was super helpful and informative. I think if you had a podcast episode to pair with this table it would help new players understand how you arrived at your evaluation for each card. In fact, that’s why I enjoyed reading the bottom half. It helped me think about the card and the format as a whole. It would set you apart from other podcasts that I have listened to about Destiny. There is a magic podcast I used to listen to that did the same thing that I used to listen to for drafting. Maybe something to think about with Way of the Force?

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