Ep. 101 – For Mandalore

Welcome to the first ever episode of the Sons of Mandalore podcast! In this episode we introduce ourselves, talk a little bit about our backgrounds in gaming, and discuss the different aspects we consider while building a new deck, along with how you should evolve that deck over time. With Way of the Force set to release very soon, and with so many new players hopping into this great game, it seemed like a good time to “go back to basics” and revisit one of the most important topics in any CCG.

A huge thank you to our friends over at The Knights of Ren for hosting this first episode! Sugi, Rick, and Todd are all great ambassadors for the game, and we’re excited to be bringing more content for a game that we both love.


Sons of Mandalore – 101 – For Mandalore


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  1. This was so great! Have listened a couple times already. I’m new to Destiny and it’s also the first deck building game I’ve played so it’s really useful for me to hear people talking about the basics. Experts often neglect this stuff because they always assume they’re speaking to people who are already really knowledgable. Of course that has its place, but it’s really nice to have content like this that allows us newbies to feel like a part of what’s going on, and so we can believe we have a chance of catching up too 🙂

    If I might make a suggestion: A friend and I have our first regionals coming up, and what I thought would be great is an episode that goes over the basics of how to approach a first competition, like the basic rules and regs and how it differs from just playing games with mates and beers! For example, I only learned from this podcast that you can only bring one deck to a competition. I had no idea!

    Regardless, thanks KOR and SOM for this awesome content!

    1. Hey Mike, thank you for the comment! I’m so glad you enjoyed the episode, it really means a lot! We definitely discussed trying to keep our pod new player friendly, and upon listening back we discovered there are a few other things we can do to help that even more (Explaining what “R2P2” is, instead of just assuming it’s common knowledge, comes to mind as a good example).

      We’re already planning on doing another episode very soon all about drafting! It seems like a very appropriate topic with a new set about to drop and we both love the format, so we’ll be sure to explain how it works before we dive into the tips part 🙂

      As for the first competition thing, that may make sense as an article as well. I have quite a bit to say on that topic, and instead of waiting until Justin and I have time to record a third episode, I may just write something up over the next day or so.

      Thanks again for the feedback!

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