Ep. 202 – Reprints, Rotation, and Regionals

Rotation is coming! With the world of Star Wars Destiny about to change forever, Kroozin and Jimmy discuss cards they would like to see reprinted in the Convergence cycle, talk about life post-rotation, and prepare for their last regional of the season.

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Sons of Mandalore | A Star Wars: Destiny Podcast – 202 – Reprints, Rotation, and Regionals

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  1. Remember the Two Player Game came out. And it DID NOT constitute a cycle change. I think that’s precident for releasing a draft kit without triggering a cycle change.

    1. That’s a good point. I guess the difference for me is if I remember correctly, that Two Player Game came out at the end of a calendar year as opposed to the start of a new one. But with that said, it certainly sets the precedent that rotation only happens on “core” sets.

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