Ep. 105 – Prepare for War

Gen Con is here, and it’s time to prepare for the first major tournament in the Way of the Force meta. In this episode, Kr0ozin and Jimmydehand talk about strategies for preparing for a major tournament, as well as the anatomy of vehicle decks, which have proven to be very strong already this set. Kr0ozin also discusses the deck he plans on playing in the North American Championships and why he arrived at that decision.

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Decklists discussed:

Hero Vehicles: https://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/22404/awholewedgeofvehiclestop8ateurosupdatedwithwotf-3.0

LTP Vehicles: https://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/21883/30personscwinner-rosejedhax2ltp-1.0

Thrawn/Snoke: https://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/22450/ethrawnesnoke-12personstorechampionshipwinner4-0-2.0

Poe/Cassian: https://swdestinydb.com/deck/view/550459

Sons of Mandalore | A Star Wars: Destiny Podcast – Ep. 105 – Prepare for War

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