Consensus Convergence Draft Values

Greetings, Mandalorians! Allies of Necessity has finally been released, and while many people are likely finished gathering their Convergence collections at this point (Must. Resist. Urge. To. Complain. About. Release. Schedules) it’s a great time to try a few drafts with the new set! Convergences was pretty clearly designed around Allies of Necessity, since there are so many synergies based around their character subtypes. Dooku3, for example, is a Sith/Leader and there are many cards in this set that play off of both of those traits.

What is the Draft Format?

If you’re unfamiliar with the draft format in Star Wars: Destiny, first off where have you been?! Draft is an incredibly fun way to play Destiny that puts all players on an even playing field.

In a nutshell, each player gets 6 booster packs and a draft kit (like the newly released Allies of Necessity). Then, players open 3 packs at a time, pick a card and pass the other 14 cards to the left, repeating this process until all cards have been selected. Finally, players open the remaining 3 packs and repeat the “pick and pass” process, but this time passing to the right. By the time your’e finished, each player will have 30 drafted cards and the contents of the draft pack with which to construct a 20-30 card deck. There’s slightly more to it than that, but you get the idea.

Drafting with Allies of Necessity

Way back when Legacies released, Jimmy and I put out an article with our draft rankings and hashed out the our arguments for the cards we disagreed on. It was a fun idea, but I wanted to take it a step further this time, and now that we’ve actually had the chance to play with the set for a few weeks, we feel like we have a pretty good feel for how the cards in the set play out in a draft format.

But ranking cards with just two people is no fun, right? So, we decided to team up with our friends Matt, Stephen, and Joe over at The Outer Rim to get a nice, wide range of opinions! We ranked every die card in the set, along with some of the more impactful uncommons, and it turns out we disagree pretty vastly on quite a few of them!

Here’s a quick table summarizing our draft power rankings for each card in Convergence, along with the average of all 5 of our scores.

Convergence Draft Values

Force Storm561153.6
Palpatine's Lightsaber995466.6
Captain Phasma121311.6
Megablaster Troopers141211.8
Jabba The Hutt987477
Crime Lord211422
Yoda's Spirit886887.6
Mace Windu's Lightsaber597656.4
Padmé Amidala10861078.2
LAAT Gunship341343
Chewbacca's Blaster Rifle874876.8
Soresu Mastery8781088.2
Quicksilver Baton9881068.2
Enfys Nest436755
Asajj Ventress438966
Sentinel Messenger101010799.2
Sly Moore862876.2
Sith Teachings596435.4
First Order Stormtrooper10108488
Wat Tambor91091089.2
Imperial Officer1096346.4
Quarren Tracker641674.8
Punishing One565565.4
Dengar's Fire Blade432643.8
Skilled Tracker847435.2
Ahsoka Tano5831025.6
Lor San Tekka1063887
Mace Windu847756.2
Vigilant Jedi1057887.6
Jedi Holocron432613.2
Kes Dameron677967
Naboo Palace Guard10994108.4
Padmé Amidala's Royal Starship9781068
Resistance Ring8710867.8
Ezra Bridger711975
Maz Kanata834786
Rebel Cache238243.8
Force Pull433774.8
Soresu Training655876.2
Conscript Squad8710767.6
A300 Blaster799798.2
Enfys Nest's Marauder678777
Enfys Nest's Electroripper773845.8
Ordnance Launcher463834.8
Fickle Mercenaries1098177
Sonic Detonators1068798
Barter With Blood423253.2
Aggressive Negotiations767866.8
Power Surge8741087.4
Flee the Scene871986.6
Riot Shield109810109.4

Main Differences

As you can see, there are a few cards that we seem to disagree pretty strongly on! So, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss some of the reasoning for our choices:

Asajj Ventress (Stephen: 3, Joe: 9, Average: 6)

StephenAsajj2 is super awkward at 13 points.  My main strategy is to try and go three wide rainbow and you already have Dooku3 at 11 points. Health at 12 is nice (Dooku3 is 9 health), but you’re likely to make up that health difference with a 3 wide team.

Palpatine (Jimmy: 7, Average: 3)

Jimmy: Maybe it’s my love for him in standard that kinda colors my ranking, but Palp3 packs a punch. Good melee sides, focus, and while he’s costly you can still run the Clawdite and a 10 coster with him. He’s also a leader/Sith, so all the Sith and leader-focused cards in the set are online with him. And, y’know, if you keep what you draft (we tend to re-draft dice cards locally) he’s pretty awesome to pull.

Fickle Mercenaries (Jimmy: 10, Joe: 1, Average: 7)

Stephen: I have no idea wtf Joe is thinking. Fickle Mercenaries is great in draft when you are already limited on dice.

Joe: Fickle Mercenaries is too much of a wild card with that ability for me. I don’t like my opponent being able to pay to remove it. Also, I suck at draft.

Jimmy: I have a rule when I draft. Any 1 cost die card is good. When you combine that with the fact that this thing actually packs a punch it becomes amazing. Sure, your opponent might pay two to take control of it at some point, but that’s two resources he wont have to use against you later. And you always have the option to buy it back if you hit some money.

Ezra (Stephen: 1, Matt: 1, Joe: 9, Kroozin: 7)

Stephen: Ezra3 is the worst card in the game and if I drafted him I would tear him up and not subject anyone else to be tempted. 8 health for 9, shitty die sides and is butt ugly.

Kroozin: Man Stephen, you’re out of your mind on this one. I’m sure I’m partially biased by my elite Ezra3 pull in our sealed league, but to me he’s a pretty darn good draft character. Sure, 8 health is less than ideal, but that’s exactly what you get with the Outer Rim Outlaw, and Ezra3 is one less point, which can make a huge difference in draft, letting you go rainbow.

His die sides are fine enough, and his ability comes into play much more often in a draft format than it would in constructed. All this combined with the fact that honestly pretty much any character below 10 points is a decent pick since it opens up so many options, and the score of 1 is baffling to me.

K-2SO (Jimmy: 10, Stephen: 2)

Jimmy: Man…Stephen, you don’t like K-2SO? 11 cost, good die sides, power action to reroll…he’s like my favorite character to draft in this set. Oh, did I mention that he’s a droid? That way you can draft all those “useless” droid cards that no one else wants, but are actually really good.

Quarren Tracker (Matt: 1, Kroozin: 7, Average: 4.8)

Matt: Yes he is an 8 point character that sounds great for draft but man do his die sides stink. A 1 range and a special for damage just doesn’t ring as a solid character even for draft. If he somehow had an ability as well we could bump this score up but the only bounty he gives you access to that most other characters don’t is Enticing Reward.

Kroozin: I truly don’t understand these ORS guys and their hatred for cheap characters! You get a two point discount on the Outer Rim Outlaw to open more rainbow options, his die sides are totally fine (they’re literally exactly like Ezra3, but with the potential for the 2 damage side to be 3 damage), AND he rewards you for drafting bounties, which are often overlooked by other players in a draft format, since they’re harder to create synergy for. Solid pick character if you ask me.

Lor San Tekka (Jimmy: 10, Matt: 3, Kroozin: 8, Average: 7)

Matt: He does let you grab cards from the discard pile but unless you are looking to run a straight mill deck I’m not sure he’s good. Can he close out a game for you? No.

Jimmy: Lor might be my true favorite character to draft in the set. The focus and health for his cost is crazy good. His ability is also sneaky in how useful it can be in a draft scenario. Even if it just gets you something to re-roll with, that’s never bad when you’re drafting

Kroozin: I have to agree with my co-host on this one. The only reason I didn’t give a Lor a 10 was because he can’t do damage himself. But a 1 AND 2 focus side, combined with 10 health, 9 cost, and his ability make him an incredible draft character.

Rebel Cache (Matt: 8, Kroozin: 4, Average: 3.8)

Matt: Any chance to generate money in draft helps. In a way this reminds me of Prized Goods but you don’t have to exhaust a character and it has two damage sides to buff your characters.

Kroozin: I can see Matt’s argument on this one, but it still seems pretty underwhelming to me. For a 3-cost support, I’m usually going to need much more of an impact than what Rebel Cache provides. I don’t think it’s an awful card by any means, I’m just not particularly happy to see it over other options.

Flee the Scene (Matt: 1, Kroozin: 8, Average: 6.6)

Matt: In a draft setting I’m not sure there is an ideal time to remove up to 2 dice then sit back for two turns. The card itself can be a blowout card for a round but using it at the right time is what holds it back for me.

Kroozin: Oh man, I could not disagree more on this one. I would argue the exact opposite, that in draft you’re much more likely to be able to pass two turns and be in decent shape. Draft is a much slower format, especially with so many three-wide teams. This combined with a bigger scarcity of dice in draft, and I think Flee the Scene is one of the more powerful cards in the format.


Non-Ranked Cards

That covers all of the die cards in Convergence, as well as a few of the impactful uncommons, but we also wanted to point out a few common cards that we feel are hugely impactful in the draft format. Here are our thoughts:

Jimmy: Lore Hunter

There are two things I love about this card.

  1. Draft decks only have a handful of really good cards in them. The rest is marginally useful at best, or downright filler at worst. Being able to gatekeep your opponent’s hand and weed out the good stuff feels nice.
  2. Mill is real in draft. You can chew through someone’s deck pretty quickly with Lore Hunter, and you don’t even have to change away from your damage win condition. I’ve won multiple games when my opponent realizes they’re down to their last 3-4 cards due to Lore Hunter milling them out.

Kroozin: Smuggling Ring

Holy cow this card is BROKEN in draft! Since draft is a slower format, it generally goes quite a few rounds longer than a typical Standard game. That means that Smuggling Ring will generate an obscene amount of resources throughout the course of a game, and it opens up tons of tricky plays, like being able to resolve a pay-side or play removal without the risk of your opponent disrupting your resources.

I would genuinely consider drafting Smuggling Ring over quite a few of the worse die-cards in this set, because I really think it’s that game-breaking. Getting one in my opening hand feels like I’m playing a step ahead of my opponent.

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