Ep. 114 – Sealed and Snoke

It’s been a while, but we’re back with a Force! (Pun fully intended). This week, Jimmy and Kroozin discuss the early frontrunners in the Across the Galaxy meta (Mainly Thrawn/Snoke),…

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Ep. 113 – Big Daddy Vader

With Across the Galaxy set to drop next week, Kroozin and Jimmy talk about a bunch of spoilers we saw drop last week, including Val, Beckett, and the Terror himself,…

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Ep. 112 – You Asked, We Answered

Last week, as we awaited spoilers from Across the Galaxy, we thought it would be fun to record an episode where we took questions from our listeners (both Destiny &…

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Ep. 111 – Spoiler Season Begins

This week Kroozin and Jimmy dive into the yellow Across the Galaxy spoilers that FFG dropped last week. We also discuss some constructive criticism for Fantasy Flight on what we…

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Ep. 110 – Bridging the Gap Across the Galaxy

As we await Regional season and the drop of Across the Galaxy, Kroozin and Jimmy discuss what you can do to keep your local playgroup interested and excited about Destiny,…

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Ep. 109 – Nationals, Spoilers, and Jank

After a one week hiatus, Kroozin and Jimmy are back, and oh boy do we have a lot to talk about! In our week off, UK Nationals and NoVA both…

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Ep. 108 – The Salt Mines

Let the salt flow! This week Kr0ozin discusses his crushing mistake that cost him the championship of the Season 6 TTS finals, along with the lessons learned from it. Plus,…

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Ep. 107 – Millpocolypse

This week Kr0ozin and Jimmydehand talk about whether mill is breaking the game, and what implications adding 10 more cards to our decks would have on the game as a…

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Ep. 106 – Interview with Gen Con Finalist Jordan

Kr0ozin and Jimmydehand invite Jordan as a guest on the show to talk about his impressive runner-up performance at the 2018 North American Championships at Gen Con. Jordan played Mother…

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Ep. 105 – Prepare for War

Gen Con is here, and it’s time to prepare for the first major tournament in the Way of the Force meta. In this episode, Kr0ozin and Jimmydehand talk about strategies…

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