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Who We Are

The Sons of Mandalore is a podcast and content creator for anything and everything Star Wars™: Destiny. We are both competitive players, but we also believe there is much more to the game we love. We cover everything from the meta to building a local community, and everything in between.

Meet the Crew

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Brian Hourigan

AKA Kr0ozin

AKA "Big Chunks of Sausage"

Brian has been playing CCGs on and off for about 20 years, including Magic: The Gathering and, much more recently, Hearthstone.

He began his foray into FFG games as many Star Wars fans have, via X-Wing, in 2014, and moved on from there to Imperial Assault, and now Destiny.

Brian hopes to take his competitive game to the next level this year, competing in as many events as possible to prove that he is a top level Destiny player.


Justin Zipperian

AKA Jimmydehand

Justin has played CCGs off and on since Magic: The Gathering first released many moons ago. It wasn’t until Star Wars: Destiny that he played competitively.

He also dabbles in all the Star Wars themed FFG titles – his favorites (aside from Destiny of course) being Legion and Imperial Assault.

Justin has recently begun to embrace the competitive scene for his games – winning his Destiny Regional in 2017 and placing 46th at the Destiny World Championships in 2018.

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