Preparing for Convergence

With the coming of a new core set, and over half the set being spoiled, I thought I’d post a couple of deck ideas I’m kicking around for when the…

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Spoiler Alert! Convergence Spoilers Inside!

Convergence is right around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited for new cards and the rotation of the new Standard format! As we creep ever closer to a…

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Ep. 19 – Watto You Think About These Spoilers?

We’ve got SPOILERS!! Convergence will be here any day now, and the only thing that could possibly get us any more excited than we already are is spoilers to share…

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Ep. 204 – Convergence Approaches

Star Wars: Destiny is about to change forever when Convergence drops in just a few weeks! With rotation on the horizon, we’ve gotten a slew of spoilers over the last…

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Ep. 203 – The Frankenstein Episode

This week we had a guest, Stephen from the Outer Rim, on the podcast to talk about the Louisville regional that Kroozin won last weekend. Sadly, we lost all of…

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